If you know our boats, if you’ve seen our YouTube videos, if you saw our pictures on social medias, you know that our rowing boats are made for daily outings, and also for adventures! From the beginning of its journey, Liteboat has always been driven by exploring the unknown and getting into nature, maybe because of it’s founder who got the idea on a rowing boat, in the middle of the Atlantic ? (see story here)

In this series of articles, we will help you organize and enjoy at its best your next rowing trip, with the help of our dealers from around the world, who share the same passion. Today, Pavel from Czech Republic will give you tips about how you can plan your future adventure.

If you are interested to enjoy rowing trip or tour you have generally two options. Either to choose approved and dedicated operators with long track record in organizing rowing trips & tours or rely on your own strengths and plan your adventure by yourselves.

Some people can get overwhelmed by the idea of planning a trip by themselves and are looking for agencies which can help them and organize “full package” of rowing experience. Does it suits your preferences? If yes, then look after the key words as rowing trip or rowing tour or check direct links to operators as: Rowing in Europe, Rowing Vacations, Rowing The World, Row Tours etc.

You don´t feel like “there’s so much to think about and so much to do”? Then let´s plan your rowing trip or tour by yourselves and prepare an adventure that suits your preferences as close as possible! Especially with Liteboat isn’t nothing easiest as to put your boat on rack of your car, access river, lake or protected bay of your choice and safety row in stable boat!

To make your adventure safe and easy I would recommend these few steps related to planning:

– You have to be swimmer and 100% familiar with boat operation = to have skills row the boat forward and backward, to be able to turn safely in a very short distance and to stop the boat quickly.
Collect most information about the chose waterway as possible = the waterway you have chosen has to be stable or with steady and calm flows (without rocks, ledges, eddies, strong current or other hazards to avoid).

– On a river, you will be better to choose a way down the stream = it´s generally much easiest and practical to go along the stream than against.

– Schedule realistic distance for each stage of your trip or tour = on water reservoir or calm water you are able to make approx. 30 km/day (intermediate) or 50 km/day (experienced) in a single rowboat. If the river flows faster, you can plan add another 20 km to your planning. Please, take into account that with bad weather, you better to reduce the distances above as it will be more difficult to row.

– Lodging = will you stay overnight in a tent on a bank close to your boat or you prefer stay in some accommodation = you have to schedule your tour with an accommodation options not far away from your boat, which has to be protected against damage or theft as well.

– Bridges and boat locks = check twice a map and take care about all bridge or boat locks which you have to pass during the day! Turn round your head twice before each bend the same as regularly after few strokes!!! You have to be sure, that the way you row isn’t blocked by any barrier – typically bridge pillars, weirs, boat locks etc. Close to the boat lock row slowly, very carefully and follow instructions of lock operator.

Whether it’s for a day long rowing outing, or a 500km adventure, the key is to know yourself and to plan things with humility. Don’t forget about the pleasure, and keep some spare time to enjoy your row, meet people or take photos!

I wish you great rowing moments,

Pavel, Czech Republic Liteboat dealer