Olivier Lavorel, owner of a LiteRace 1x, spent a few days in Corsica (France) to reach the Scandola reserve. Back from it, he tells us his story:

“It’s been a long time since I wanted to see the red cliffs of Scandola while rowing. The reserve is located in Corsica, on the west coast near Porto, a spectacular nature reserve that is accessible only by sea.

The project takes shape during the year 2019. We are 3 to participate in this adventure, a double and my LiteRace 1x, all transported by us.”

“We will take the departure from Porto around 14h, the sea is already agitated.

Our departure is from Porto without a hitch, we take the direction of the Scandola reserve. The sea is formed with waves more than 2m high. My front drift helps me a lot for my progress by stabilizing the boat.
We arrive at Girolata after 16km downwind and beautiful landscapes crossed.

The next day, we leave at dawn for 30-35km along the coast of Scandola. We cross beautiful bays. After having watch so much beauty, we leave in the direction of Girolata.

We wanted to spend another night in Girolata but the weather does not announce anything good for the next day. We make the decision to return to Porto the same evening. 2 hours later, we arrive in Porto after 51,4km rowed in the day.

We go back to Bastia, with the head full of images and delighted with our journey. My LiteRace 1x, with its second drift and its composite luggage rack, was perfect for this aquatic trek.”