Rowing season is over in Finland, the sea is frozen and now is the perfect time to do some maintenance on our boats. 

I picked up my LiteRACE 1X from the rowing club to my own storage where I have more space to do the repairs and cleaning. The transport is relatively easy, the boat goes on the top of my car and to the destination!

The first step for me is to clean my LiteRACE 1X and wash it thoroughly. For the rig and oars, cleaning is done only with water. The boat is washed with water and then with marine polish. It is a liquid substance that cleans, polishes and protects surfaces.

After that I use liquid boat wax. I use a polishing machine but this is possible to do without it. You will just need a soft cloth (old t-shirts are perfect btw) and polish by hand. Then I let it dry for 5-10 minutes and wipe off the wax with a clean cloth. It leaves a highly glossy surface, protected from UV rays, repelling dirt and being easy to clean.

Very useful when it comes to maintaining my boat next summer!

There were some surface scratches on the bottom of the LiteRACE 1X, they disappeared after these treatments. The boat is like new! I also checked, cleaned and organized my equipment: Life jacket, extra pair of oarlocks, and everything I need for transport.

After that, my boat returns to its protective cover and is stored under while waiting for sunny days!
A nice day necessary for the sustainability of my LiteRACE 1X and a lot of pleasure before getting back on the water.