An adventure for two on the water, more or less close to your place, in autonomy, is in your dreams? The LiteSport 2x is for you. The LiteSport 2x is the ultimate nautical trekking boat for two people. Its size of 5m55 allows easy transport on the roof of a car. With a weight of only 42kg (carbon version), the LiteSport 2x is easy to handle. It’s a very stable boat, unsinkable, and it offers comfort to explore previously inaccessible places. The large hatch option allows easy access to the storage space inside the hull. Its large storage capacity makes it a perfect boat for several weeks trips (equipment, food, …).

The LiteSport 2x offers the possibility two row in multiple places: lakes, rivers but also at sea (coastal). Another adventure in LiteSport 2x had also taken place a few years ago in Norway. Tor traveled 185km between Lake Mjosa and Oslo Fjord in 3 days, a detonating trip!