The XP20 is our 6-meter monohull that combines a real rowing seat with a sail system, to be used both with the force of the arms, or the wind depending on the weather conditions. It is the assurance of beautiful sporty or contemplative trips.

The XP20, designed by Sam Manuard, is also gathering a community of nearly forty boats and passionate owners, all satisfied and enthusiastic with whom we maintain a privileged relationship. For the past two years, we have had the opportunity to get together for our annual friendly gathering during the XP Days! This year we will meet in the Netherlands in mid-September for a touring trip.

The lucky owners of the XP20 are not experts in rowing or sailing, but rather all-rounders in sports and outdoor sports in particular. They have found the XP20 to be a “safe, lively, fast and easy boat”, and they call it a “successful concept”. This ease of use makes it possible to sail the XP on a regular basis, with an average of more than 30 days of sailing per year and for some more than 50 days per year. The simplicity of this boat also translates into low maintenance costs.

This boat offers the freedom to go on any body of water, sea, lakes, rivers and canals whenever the opportunity arises. The users of our boats are convinced, as we are, that adventure is close to home. They also have the freedom to move their boats during a weekend or a vacation. Indeed, the cabin of the XP20 allows you to store your belongings for the day on the water but also to discover the experience of bivouacking in the shelter of a small creek or a stretch of water.

Finally, the XP20 is also a regular innovation allowing to modulate the equipment at a reasonable cost and according to the navigation program.

*The arguments put forward come from a satisfaction survey sent to all XP20 users