Beginner or expert, rowing has never been easier!

Water is at your fingertips

Rowing is not only possible in very few protected places equipped with a pontoon. With a stable rowing boats, the opportunities are endless. With your Liteboat on the roof of your car, you can start exploring the beauty of nature: little channels, wild lakes and amazing shores. Your adventure can be an afternoon on a lake or a rowing week to explore another country. Set your mind free, forget about limits, water is yours all year round.

With light, stable & easy rowing boats

New concept of leisure boat, New way of thinking, Liteboats are designed by Sam Manuard, French Naval architect well known for his racing sailing boats. Manufactured in France, these recreational rowing boats are very stable and light thanks to the innovative production process. You will be able to handle your Liteboat alone and be totally independent.  You will feel safe on the water, no matter your age, your shape and condition or your rowing skills. You can just enjoy the pleasure to glide on the water.

Learn rowing, improve your health!

Chosen by several rowing clubs around the world, our rowing boats are perfect to learn, and to progress. Rowing is a complete sport, with no shocks, and is recognize to be one of the best sports to improve your health. Along with physical benefits, being in contact with nature will also help you to decompress and to be relaxed! You rowed a long time ago, or you just want to start? We are here to help you get the best of this sport, with dedicated video tutorials, contacts with rowing clubs & coaches, and a lot of content available online. Just make the first step, we will be by your side for the beginning of your new adventure.