On February 15, 2020 Rowers from The USRowing National High Performance Training Center in Oklahoma City took to the waters of Sarasota to “Go Coastal” these high caliber athletes had just finished two weeks of intense Flat Water Training at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota Florida. For the second year in a row the Coach and Team finished their training with a Coastal Rowing session. The team of five women and seven men took to the waters utilizing LiteRace 1X and LiteRace 2X.

The athletes first rowed a three kilometer stretch out through Sarasota Big Pass to South Lido Beach and the Gulf of Mexico. After a short Captains meeting the rowers changed up teams and headed out into the breaking surf where the Bay waters meet the Gulf. In these conditions the rowers were able to experience the challenges and thrills of Coastal Rowing. The LiteRace 1X and 2X boats provided an excellent platform for these elite athletes to develop their skills. The speed, handling and performance characteristics of the LiteRace boats truly shined under the power of these top level athletes. It was both exciting and inspirational to watch!
After an hour in the surf the rowers returned to the beach to review the session and change up teams again. When the rowers left the beach and started to row they found that the winds had kicked up to 18 knots, and the three kilometer row ahead of them would be all upwind. Again the performance of the FISA compliant LiteRace 1X and 2X Coastal Boats shined through as the rowers carved their way through the wind and chop back to the docks.
The positive feedback from the rowers and Coach, along with all of the smiles and laughter, tells me they will be back in Coastal Boats again as soon as they can.