AXA Primatorky (means AXA Mayors in English) is a legendary rowing race that takes place under the auspices of the Mayor of the Capital City of Prague.

Due to more than a century of tradition, the Primátorky “Mayors” can be proud of being one the oldest sporting events not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole Europe. AXA Primátrorky is a prestigious event with a long history, with a clearly defined dress code, and is thus not only a racing but a social event as well.

The Primátorky weekend is followed by important personalities of sports, culture and politics on the embankments around the Vltava river. Promoting our way of life and supporting the idea that rowing isn´t just a sport, Liteboat Czech Republic made the decision to become a partner of this traditional event to promote Liteboat as a brand of leisure & coastal rowing boats.

They have presented two boats, the new LiteSPORT 1X and the LiteRIVER L, which represents the most saleable Liteboats on the Czech market. During the three days event with calm weather and beautiful sunny sky, Liteboat booth got visited by plenty of visitors. Among theme were representatives of rowing family (scullers, oarsmen, coaches, referees),  and personalities of sports and culture.

Big thanks belong to 107. AXA Primatorky promoting agency RAUL for its organisation in very challenging time of Covid-19 outbreak, the same as to Czech Rowing National Crew members, namely Lenka Antosova, Kristyna Fleisnerrova and Jakub Podrazil, who had made a trial of rowing in LiteSPORT´s 1X and promoted Liteboats during the 107. AXA Primatorky press conference.

As a last but not least, we may not forgot active support of Vaclav Chalupa, legendary Czech sculler and multiple medalist from many of most prestigious rowing races, who helps us to promote recreational, along with coastal rowing whom success we all together believe.

Rowing isn´t just a sport!