Navigate on a river in the heart of Bourgogne with a small dinghy is rather original… Navigate with a combination of sailing and rowing is even more original!

With an easily transportable, stable and efficient boat, combining sailing and rowing, micro-adventures are accessible to all. With the XP16 on its trailer, all types of waters become accessible, whether at sea, on a river, canal or lake.

Starting from Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, at the confluence of the Saône and the Doubs, we cruised along the day, alternating between sailing and rowing according to the conditions. We felt privileged to have access to these wild and preserved places. At the bend of a few arms of the river, at the edge of the banks, we found ourselves in close contact with nature. Numerous flights of swans and storks’ nests punctuated our weekend.

We did not miss to stop on the banks to have a coffee and to meet some local fishermen. In the evening, the swans accompanied our last strokes of oars at sunset, before preparing our bivouac. Once the tent was pitched, and we cooled off with a swim, it was time to enjoy a cold beer.

This weekend on the river reminded us how much freedom and adventure is close to home, no matter your age or physical condition. We have this chance, we must take advantage of it! We keep in mind some very nice pictures of this trip.

The XP 16 has been our ideal travel companion!