The 2019 Sarasota Coastal Rowing Regatta was a great success, and a moment of premieres! We hosted the first FISA style Coastal Race with a beach sprint start, buoyed course requiring navigation, turning skills, and a beach finish. We also hosted the first ever Coastal Rowing Race in the United States which gave Junior Rowers a chance to participate in the sport of Coastal Rowing!

We held the race at South Lido Park which allowed us to set a course in multiple locations. This guaranteed we could run the race regardless of wind and wave conditions. The location also gave us areas to setup boats, feed athletes, have vendors and award metals.

In the end, it was a perfect rowing moment, full of positive competition, cheering crowds, and spectators showing a great interest to this amazing sport! It seems to be just a beginning, regarding the inquiries from all about new events!

Jim Henderson
Sarasota Coastal Rowing Association / Liteboat Dealer

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