Our firsts LiteQuattro arrived in Australia, and they are already on water with the Cranbrook School rowing team in Sydney. These boats are perfect for learning, racing, but also touring. The school has choosen Liteboat for the versatility and performance of our boats, and the 4 LiteQuattro have been adopted quickly!

“We are in full season here in Sydney and are using our new Liteboat Quattros 6 days a week with double sessions on Mondays and triple sessions on Tuesdays. We have already boated over 100 crews through the boats and will continue to boat 32 crews a week till mid-March when the boys change to Winter Sport.

The feedback from everyone who has been in them has been overwhelmingly positive. They love the feedback the boats give as well as the little extra stability at the catch. The boats are always launched as a fleet of four and we started racing almost straight away. 
We love our Liteboat Quattros and have already bought a LiteRace 2X which is already on water”

Sam – Trainer at Cranbrook School – Sydney