The Rhine Marathon is arguably the biggest event in the world for the C boats, with more than 200 boats departing for a 43-kilometer race on the stormy waters of the Rhine. Mathieu Bonnier (founder of Liteboat) participated in this extraordinary race.

So I left the day before the race with a stop in Switzerland, to get the LiteQUATTRO who participated in the Tour du Léman. The day before the event is reserved for the preparation of the equipment. Competitors turn their boats into “Coastal boats” with various wave protections. Some boats are equipped with electric pumps.

The LiteQuattro is a very different boat but it has many carbon boats too. Saturday morning, departures are given every minute, with a well-honed organization. This is the 48th edition.

Each boat is free to choose its route, respecting the important fluvial traffic. Barges and barges sometimes generate significant waves. Our boat is flooded with water twice and we have to open the bailers to empty the boat.

It is Jochen, our German distributor, who is the stroke. We finish the 1st of our category, 50/60 years, in 2h22 (Club Tubingen) to 12 minutes only of the 1st.

Thanks to Karen for managing the rudder. A great test for all lovers of long-distance and rowing-adventure.