Czech Republic is full of water, lakes and rivers. At the beginning of July, we had the chance to go to Lake Lipno in the south of the country near the German and Austrian border for the delivery of an XP 16 to our friend Pavel. Pavel is the Czech Liteboat partner. Very interested in our modern row&sail concept and in the many possibilities offered by this boat since the beginning of the Liteboat adventure, Pavel is now the proud owner of an XP 16.

Tailor-made delivery and handling*

At 6 a.m, we met at the Liteboat workshop, the XP 16 is already on its trailer hitched behind our van, ready to leave, heading east. After a few hours on the road, we arrive on the shores of Lake Lipno, our destination. The last kilometers were in the heart of a magnificent, very dense forest, typical of continental climates, hot in summer and very cold in winter. In summer Lake Lipno is popular for its water activities. We then learnt that in winter temperatures can drop to -25 degrees. This frozen body of water then turns into an ideal spot for cross-country skiing, ice skating or even sledding. The last kilometer of our journey is unusual, our GPS stops us at the edge of the water on the other side of the lake. We end our journey on a barge barely larger than our vehicle and the XP 16 trailer.

*Liteboat offers a delivery and pick-up service on site for all customers in Central Europe. More information on request.

On our arrival, the welcome is warm, Pavel is impatient to discover his new boat. After a few explanations, setting up the boat is quickly done thanks to the cat-boat type rigging. We first go rowing. During this day we are together with Vaclav Chalupa, Rowing olympic vice-champion in Barcelona 1992. He confirms good sensations of glide when rowing. In the middle of the morning, a light breeze rises. It’s time to take out the sails, the boat get some speed easily. We stroll on the lake around the small islands, I continue the explanations with Pavel who has only four sailing lessons behind him. Gradually, he gains confidence in the boat and performs maneuvers and adjustments alone. It is then time to return to share a good meal around a local beer.

Mathieu Laperche from Liteboat