Winter crossing of the Gulf of Finland

What an amazing achievement!

Finnish fireman Jari Saario has just arrived in Tallinn after crossing the Gulf of Finland from Helsinki with our LiteSport 1X! It is not an easy thing to do in the summer, but this is probably the first time ever that someone has crossed the Gulf (about 85 km) on a rowing boat in January in fog and total darkness!

After first 2 hours his leg started to hurt from an old sports injury. Did he quit or turn back? No, he removed the sliding seat and continued next 15,5 hours on a “fixed seat” using only his arms and back. Incredible! 💪🏻💪🏻

Congratulations Jari and best wishes from team Liteboat!

Pictures by Marko Poolamets

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Naše nejnovější příspěvky