Rowing is a sport and also a leisure. Liteboat boats allow as many people as possible to row in complete safety on stable and light boats. Like any sport, it is important to acquire the right gestures, the right posture and the right reflexes, to benefit from all the advantages that rowing can provide. Liteboat therefore organized, last June, the first edition of the Liteboat Rowing days. Owners of Liteboat rowing boats met during this weekend at the nautical base of Bellecin (Lac of Vouglans – Jura).

During these two days of conviviality, the participants, all passionate about rowing, had the pleasure of exchanging with the staff of Liteboat, but above all benefited from the technical advice of Gervaise Boulanger, rowing coach and former high-level athlete.

After a warm-up session, each of the participants was able to get into their boat and do the first stroke on a superb body of water, under the watchful eye of Gervaise. The first day was therefore devoted to improvement; correction of rowing gestures and postures. On the second day, Liteboat had proposed a tour of a few kilometers. Some of the participants enjoyed trying our range of boats and rowing in four with our Litequattro (Gig-boat).

The support and advice provided by Gervaise were real pluses, providing everyone with the keys to a beautiful gesture. This help to improve technique and these tools for rowing better were greatly appreciated by all the rowers!

Discover some pictures of this great event!

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