My ultimate rowing experience so far is around the island of Vega on the North-West coast of Norway.

My wife Sissel and I drove a lot around the country in 2019, from the south, to the west, and a thousand kilometers north to Lofoten, putting the Liteboats in the water wherever we found a beautiful spot.

It was to the end of our trip, on the way back south that we took the ferry to Vega, where we had never been before. The satellite pictures on Google showed thousands of small micro-islands scattered around the coast. It would be perfect for exploring with a Liteboat!

With two days available on Vega, we were blessed with fabulous weather and light winds. The tides are pretty heavy in the area, and it is good planning to get out on a rising tide to avoid to be stranded, or suddenly locked in a pond somewhere.

Boats ready in the water, it was all like we had hoped for. A labyrinth of islands and fjords, peninsulas and reefs were all around. Here and there were sheep grassing, and bird life was overwhelming. Even eagles flew high above, together with small clouds on their way south, throwing shadows and made even the landscape to come alive.

Completely alone for hours, we rowed randomly in and out and up and down, until the tide dropped again. The eagles came lower to hunt for unlucky fish caught by pockets of water in the narrow sounds. Some scenes are not for the camera. It just has to be witnessed in real life, caught only by the memory of the brain and stored for the rest of our lives.

Nevertheless, we got to take some pictures.
I hope you enjoy them enough to go with us when we return to Vega.

All the best, to all Liteboat rowers around the world,

Tor, Norway

Tor Erling Gransæther is the Liteboat dealer in Norway.

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