Liteboat continues to develop its boats. In 2022, you’ll be able to improve your LiteXP 20 with a small 4sqm jib. This sail, mounted directly on the gennaker halyard, will boost your boat in light winds.

Why designing this new sail?

The idea to add this jib on the LiteXP 20 came during our project to tour Lake Leman on a row&sail boat in July 2021.
We all know that the sailing conditions on the lakes are often changing, and with very light winds. We wanted a little more power in light winds to save our arms from rowing…

For this project we took a production sail that we had adapted to the LiteXP 20. This first test was very successful, we quickly decided to launch the design and production, with the North Sails sailmaker, of a jib specially designed and adapted for the boat.

With this jib we were able to participate in the Vegvisir Race in Denmark in September 2021, a 70 nautical mile race in the south of the country. This small 4sqm jib and the complementary of the row&sail concept allowed us to win the race in the 6m long boat category and to finish ahead of much larger boats. Bad luck for us, the wind turned in the night and we did a large part of the course with the wind in our noses… We were however able to string together the tack and take advantage of a good upwind angle thanks to this sail.