The pandemic has been a trigger for a lot of people, who were locked home, to start thinking more about the benefits of a physical activity. At Liteboat, we believe that rowing combines everything to be the best sport in the current situation. Here is why!

You can’t stand being locked home ? Go rowing!

Leave the city to reconnect with the nature…
Rowing is excellent for your body, but also for your mind!
Breathe fresh air, enjoy rowing with a stable boat

Your travel plans got cancelled ? Go rowing!

Let’s think local… why travelling to the other side of the world? With a stable boat, you’ll create your own adventure at your door.
The earth is mostly covered by water, so it’s easy to find a place for your next micro-expedition!

Being healthy became your first concern ? Go rowing!

The current epidemic shows us how important it is to be in a good shape to fight the virus.
Rowing, with a stable boat, is probably the best way to improve your health!