Today we present you TopRow, a company developing initiation and training centers to allow everyone to row in an easy way. Liteboat is a partner of TopRow as a builder and shares its values on the accessibility of rowing for all!

TopRow is a company based in Amsterdam. The rowing center in Amsterdam has been started in 1934 by the government of Amsterdam. In 2013 the Rowing Centre was privatized, and it soon proved to be commercially viable, allowing it to get separated from the municipality. Since in Row New York (USA), there is a comparable drive to promote rowing for all, both parties agreed to join forces. In addition, with the London Rowing Club (United Kingdom), a rowing school is set up on the same principle.

The main goal of TopRow is making rowing accessible and easier for all. From professional to occasional sport, TopRow wants to give everyone the chance to develop their skills. The long-time vision of TopRow is to make rowing sports accessible to a wide audience worldwide. TopRow thinks rowing is for everyone, beginner and professional, young and old people.

TopRow is offering rowing courses on different levels:

  • Learn to Row (1&2) sweep rowing,
  • Learn to Scull (1&2)
  • Sculling and Advanced courses in sculling boats.

They always use C4+ or C2+ modeled boats and intent to use Liteboat for all new locations. The crews will be coached during the session by an instructor that is in the coxing position, this to improve the quality of coaching and safety.

For now TopRow has a team of +/-150 instructors and other staff working for them, and sell around 6 000 courses a year. This will grow in the coming years.

In 2019, four sites are operational: Amsterdam (2x), London and New York. By 2020, 3 more sites will open before longer-term expansion.

Web sites: London, New York, Amsterdam and TopRow

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