Last weekend, François, our LiteXP dealer in France, took advantage of the end of lockdown to do a family day trip with the boat.

“The Pointe de Penmarc’h is a point less known than the Raz de Sein but just as beautiful, close to the Torche surf spot, and the port of St Guenolé (magnificent observatory to admire winter storms). We left in the morning from the Eckmuhl lighthouse and the small port of Kerity with my daughters, the paradise!

The only boats that usually come to this sanctuary are canoes, and the LiteXP must be the only sailboat in the world that can come and play in these areas! As it was the first weekend of deconfinement, seals who have not seen any human for a long time were just as happy as we were to see us, followed by many gulls under a bright sun, and in clear water. They came to play with us at 2 meters, passing under the hull, a beautiful moment of communion with the marine wildlife.

Sailing, oars, animals, sun, gentle breeze, large bowl of oxygen, we came home with the smile and the first sunburns…”

François Coutant, LiteXP dealer in France