All the available accessories for rowing clubs

TypeDesignationPackagingPrice w/o VATPrice with VAT
OARSStandard carbon oars 1550gr-H (sculls)Pair470€564€
Recreational carbon oars 1800gr-H (sculls)Pair420€504
Sweep H Carbon Standard ajusted 2740grUnit340€408€
RIGGERS FITTINGSDol-pin (scull) - 13mm Comes complete with all the washers and nutsPair48,33€58
Dol-pin (sweep) - Comes complete with all the washers and nutsUnit25€30€
C2 rowing gate (scull) complete comes with universal bushesPair25€30€
Sweep gate complete comes with universal bushesUnit20€24€
Height washer - clip onx 107,08€8,50€
Pin washersx 163,50€4,20€
TROLLEYSLaunching trolley - LiteSPORT 1X, 2X, LiteRIVER & LiteRACE 1XUnit350€420€
Launching trolley - LiteRACE 2XUnit379,16€455€
Launching trolley - LiteTRIO & LiteQUATTROUnit379,16€455€
Launching trolley - LiteRACE 4XUnit420,83€505€
Trail trolleyUnit75€90€
Blue wheels for launching trolleyPair40€48€
Installation of plastic carrying handlesPair35€42€
Plastic carrying handlesPair5,83€7€
Bow carrying handleUnit2,33€2,80€
BAGS & COVERSOars bagUnit71,66€86€
Rigger bagUnit79,16€95€
Full boat cover LiteSPORT 1XUnit190€228€
Full boat cover LiteRIVER (polyester Ripstop)Unit175€210€
Full boat cover LiteRACE 1XUnit190€228€
Full boat cover LiteSPORT 1X (Former version 2013)Unit175€210€
Full boat cover LiteSPORT 2XUnit210€252€
SEATS & FITTINGSComplete carbon seat (under carriage + seat) 280 mm Unit220,83€265€
Complete wodden seat (under carriage + seat) 280 mmUnit166,67€200€
Complete spongy seat (under carriage + seat) 300 mmUnit90€108€
Complete carbon seat (under carriage + seat) 300 mmUnit150€180€
Complete carbon seat (under carriage + seat) 400 mmUnit245,83€295€
Complete wodden seat (under carriage + seat) 400 mmUnit220,83€265€
Bearing wheelUnit8,33€10€
Slide Rails - standard lenght 83 cm (includes end stop and fixing)Unit12,50€15€
FOOTSTRETCHERS FITTINGSFootstretcher onlyUnit85,83€103€
Complete Flexi feet footstretcherUnit140€168€
Complete footstretcher with Active Tools shoesUnit180€216€
Set of screws, nuts, cap for footstretcherSet26,67€32€
Flex feet onlyPair49,16€59€
Padded Velcro strapsPair18,33€22€
Flexi feet with velcro strapPair66,67€80€
Adjustable size Active tools shoes S : 40-45Pair100€120€
Adjustable size Active tools shoes L : 43-48Pair100€120€
Replacement levers for Active tools shoes - S or LPair2,33€2,80€
Footstretcher bracketUnit27,50€33€
Adjuster channel strip 25cmPair4,50€5,40€
Foot well adjuster rail 25 cmUnit9,16€11€
Foot steering plate (only)Unit135€162€
Complete foot steering system (fully equiped with shoes)Unit350€420€
ACCESSORIESRemovable fin Lite Fin 5.3Unit44,17€53€
Srews for LiteFin 5.3Unit2,25€2,70€
Standard hatch (150 mm)Unit5,83€7€
Large hatch (190 mm)Unit17,08€20,50€
Barton bungUnit3€3,60€
RIGGERSSculling rigger for LiteSPORT 1XUnit240€288€
Sculling rigger for LiteDUOUnit240€288€
Sculling rigger for LiteRACE 1XUnit335€402€
Sculling rigger for LiteRIVERUnit240€288€
Sculling rigger (one piece) Starbord or Port for LiteRACE 2XUnit125€150€
Sculling rigger (one piece) Starbord or Port for LiteRACE 4XUnit125€150€
Sculling rigger for LiteQUATTRO / LiteTRIOUnit350€420€
Sweep rigger for LiteQUATTRO / LiteTRIOUnit280€336€
Rigger pinUnit9,16€11€
Male quick releaseUnit13€19,50€
Female quick release 3mmPair20,83€25€
Female quick release 4mmPair20,83€25€
OTHERSRudder top plate & rudder fixation system
Towage cleat
Rear storage net (LiteSPORT 1X)Unit12,91€15,5€
Rear storage net (square shape)Unit12,91€15,5€
Boat cardboard crate (LiteSPORT 1X, LiteRIVER, LiteRACE 1X)Unit120€144€