Just back from the superbly organized World Coastal Rowing Championships on Vancouver Island.
LiteBoat had shipped for the occasion 6 ships three LiteRace1X and three LiteRace2X. Shipping our new LiteRace4X + was unfortunately not in our means.
Radiant sun during the three days of competition for a perfect organization.

Congratulations to all the rowers who chose our boats to compete,

  • CW1X: Silver Medal – RV Breda (NL) | Anneke Van Der Keulen NL
  • CW2X: Silver Medal – Libourne CN (FR) | Maya and Josephine DANJOU
  • CM2X: Silver Medal – Chambery CN (FR) | Vincent Cavard and Gaël Chocheyras finished three seconds behind the winners Julien Bahain and Michel Steenman
  • CMix2X: Gold medal – RV Breda (NL) | Michel Steenman and Anneke Van Der Keulen NL
  • CMix2X: Bronze medal for Spain

Congratulations to all, athletes and organizers.

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