LiteRiver – Test in Denmark

A week ago Kate and Jesper went to Fritz, our dealer in Denmark to try out the LiteRiver in a Carbon version in the Copenhagen Area. Having rowed and tested the LiteRiver in different conditions, weather, on lakes and in coastal waters, they wanted to share their thoughts about this boat.

“A great boat! Jesper and I have had the pleasure of testing this LiteRiver in carbon version, as private persons and experienced rowers. A super great and fast boat with very fine balance. It goes well in the water. A boat design “in between” a coastal 1X and a wide single sculler. We have been out rowing this past 10 days on the lakes as well as on the Oresund (sea). Both on flat water and choppy water with wind as some waves.

The LiteRiver lies good and stable in waves. We think it is a super boat. It only weighs approximately 20 kg. You can easily bring it on top of your car / railings. The rig is easy to fit on and dismantle again. Good sliding seat and footstretcher.”

Kate and Jesper Skavin – Facebook group Coastal Roning i Danmark og i Norden

LiteRiver in Denmark

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