Liteboat oars are available in two versions:

– Standard: light (1 550 g) and stiff, for rowers in good physical condition who want to train and compete.

– Recreationnal: more flexible, for less intense physical activity.

Our oars


Liteboat oars are made from prepeg unidirectional carbon fibers, fiberglass and expoxy resin. These high quality materials provide stiffness and resistance over the average, for a smaller weight.


Made in Europe in an International Rowing Federation and International Olympic Commitee official supplier factory. Each oar have its own identity number, with all specs : blade shape, total length, gravity center, weight, rigidity index, sleeve diameter. This allows to replace by the identical one, in case of loss or accidental brake.


Supplier exclusive feature : the periphery of the blade is reinforced with carbon, to provide perfect sealing and an exceptional resistance to damages


The hatchet blade of Liteboat’s oars gives to rowers a fast and stable power all along the propulsion phase.

Comfort and performance:

Liteboat’s oars slightly flex during the stroke power in the water. It first relieves rower’s back effort. The end of movement energy restitution. On an other hand, the restitution of accumulated energy at the end of the stroke allows to extend and accelerate propulsion.

Adaptability & comfort:

Liteboat oars sleeves allow to move collars to +/- 10cm from standard position (V5 Allen key). Added to the setting margin of oarlocks center distance, this allows to extend or shorten inside and outside levers to adapt the boat for every morphologies and physical conditions. Furthermore, Liteboat oars handles are made from natural rubber. Their standard diameter is 3.4cm, known to avoid arms crispation. It could be replaced by 3.2 or 3.6cm handles to fit rower hand size.


Liteboat oars are provided with 2° angle. It can be mounted without setting on Liteboats and comes perfectly into water for an efficient propulsion. It’s easy to replace pieces concerned by wear. If there’s a need to replace a worn out sleeve, you just have to unscrew 10 screws to take it out and put a new one.

Warranty : 1 year.