Adjustable shoes

Rowers no longer have to put up with shoes that are either too big or too small! We offer shoes in two size ranges, Small (EU size 40 – 45 and US 7 – 12) and Large (EU size 43 – 48 and US 10 – 15). The external parts of the shoes are molded in a tough EVA foam so they can be washed and kept clean and hygienic. They can also be wiped dry before use if they get wet.

Adjusting the shoe size:
The adjustment is made by pushing down the yellow or blue lever and moving the toe section of the shoe. The size can then be read in a window inside the shoe and the lever released when the correct size is visible. Heel heights are not changed by making this adjustment so the geometry of the rower’s set up is unchanged.

Toe Strap:
The fit of the toe sections of the shoes can be adjusted using the toe straps. They should not be adjusted uncomfortably tight but even if they are over tightened they are positioned so that they cannot trap your feet in an emergency.

For the first time it is possible to properly clean rowing shoes. Soapy water should be used to thoroughly clean the shoes and they can either then be left to dry naturally or wiped dry.

The shoes have been designed with safety as the top priority. The chassis of the shoes have heel tie points molded in so that they cannot corrode or come loose. Each pair of shoes also comes with two sets of ties so that you have a spare set when the originals need replacing. These are high quality ties (rock climbing accessory cord) rather than ‘shoe laces’ and come with detailed fitting instructions.