After 7 years of success, and several hundred boats that row all over the world, we wanted to improve our most popular model, the LiteSport1X launched in 2013.

We therefore interviewed rowers from around the world to fully understand the wishes of users, and to offer the ideal boat. Our customers wanted a more scalable, faster boat while maintaining exceptional stability. They also wanted to be able to take onboard a few things and a bottle.

The new LiteSport 1X is a little longer (5m), thinner and also lighter than the previous model. Above all, it is the most versatile rowing boat ever imagined by the Liteboat team.

This boat is suitable for expert rowers as well as beginners, and will allow those who wish, to progress in its rowing technique. Very stable and self-draining, it will be comfortable on all types of water bodies, sea, lakes or rivers.

“The boat that will follow you everywhere and for your whole life”

Sam Manuard, the architect, and the Liteboat team are very happy to have designed this innovative boat with you, a boat that should allow everyone to love rowing.