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Latest boat born in the LiteBoat range, this boat was designed at the request of river and lakes rowers, who wanted a very light boat which is more stable than the Olympic shells in their clubs. Reserved to flat water areas, the LiteRIVER, has a narrower shell to glide faster. It is designed for recreational rowing for beginners and for experienced rowers. It has also been created for competitive rowers to train when the water area is too rough to be able to row in a skiff. This is the lightest LiteBoat.

Depending on the weight of the rower, this boat is available in two versions:

  • S — 40 to 75 kg
  • L — 70 to 110 kg

Available in standard version (fibreglass) or carbon

Special prices for rowing clubs

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  RAL 9016 (white)
  • RAL 5002 (ultramarine blue)

  • RAL 7011 (grey)


  Carbon look
  • RAL 3020 (red)

  • All other colours


Overall length5,60m / 18.4'5,60m / 18.4'
Overall beam0,60m / 2'0,60m / 2'
Height0,32m / 1'0,32m / 1'
Weight (ready to row without oars)23.5kg / 50.7lbs21,5kg / 47.4lbs
Weight (without riggers)20.5kg / 44lbs18,5kg / 40.8lbs
Maximum load
(S version)
75kg / 165.3lbs75kg / 165.3lbs
Maximum load
(L version)
110kg / 242.5lbs110kg / 242.5lbs
Average speed (1 knot = 1.852 km/h)5-8 kt5-8 kt


The seat and the riggers are included with your boat. To get started, we advise you to get a trolley, a cover, a pair of oars, all available on our accessories page.