Rowing is the perfect sport to focus on your well-being: good for your body & mind!

At LiteBoat, we believe in the many benefits that rowing provides to humans, both physically and morally. We exchanged with the editorial team of IRBSM (French), the well-being and sports medicine site, where Dr. Frederic Maton explains the benefits of rowing.

▶ You will have a better life quality

Whatever your usual activity, we are all subjected to some contrariety in life, we need to distress and to have a free mind. Practicing an outdoor sport helps you to reach the feeling of well-being. Just by being outside, close to nature with a change of scenary is relaxing.

On the water, you will be surrounded by nature and you will discover the landscape from another perspective. It is a great place to be back at peace. You will feel mentaly better and able to enjoy your life. Having a better life quality is all about pleasure!

▶ You will build up your endurance capacity

Recreational rowing is a moderate and prolonged activity instead of an intensive activity.

It means that when you row, your heart & lung systems are stimulated and your body capacity to transport oxygen to your muscles is developed.

Your endurance limits will be pushed gradually to be better, your life will be improved!

When oxygen is well transported into your body, it considerably improves your everyday life as walking become easier, going up the stairs without pain… and for sure, you will be able to increase the time of your rowing sessions to consider a lot of adventure possibilities.

▶ You will develop a more balanced metabolism

To burn fat and sugar, we have to favor this type of sport instead of intensive activity because the different levels of sport intensity do not use up the same ressources into our body.

Rowing allows to steady your weight or even to restablish lipid disorders. Combined with a good nutrition it allows you to get back into a good shape.

▶ You will improve your posture for daily-life

Whether bowing forward or backward, as a rower you have to maintain your back straight. By contracting abdominals and back muscles, you will strengthen the abdominal wall and therefore prevent you from back pain.

Besides, you will improve greatly your muscle coordination since rowing requied a specific effort to coordinate the lower- and upper-body in order to stabilize the boat.

So rowing develops both your coordination and your stability!

Suddenly, your shape will be as good as well as your posture !

▶ You will prevent your body from joints issues

The rower is seating on a sliding seat. It means that the practice of this sport for leisure does not cause joints issues. Everybody can adapt his range of motion, whatever your capacities, age…

Rowing protects your joints and even makes them more flexible!

Indeed, from medical observations, rowing can be advised to prevent from arthrosis or limit its evolution.