Don’t you know it yet? There’s a newbie at Liteboat: the LiteQuattro Open Water. Based on the hull of the LiteQuattro, the LiteQuattro Open Water has a closed deck for navigating in rough water.

With its high stability and rigidity, the LiteQuattro OW allows use for all audiences. The novice public as well as the more experienced rowers and even the competitors can use it in choppy water.

Indeed, with its closed deck, the volume of water that can enter the boat is limited. Its length and width are the same than the LiteQuattro. The addition of self-bailers allows the cox to evacuate the water that may have entered the boat because of big waves.
The riggers, like on all other boats in the range, are equipped with “quick release” system, allowing a quick assembly and disassembly and easy storage. The rudder is easily liftable, using a rope pulled by the cox, and allows an easy navigation close to the shore.

This boat can be armed for sculling or sweep rowing.

Overall Length11m
Overall beam0.87m
Total weight95kg
Maximum load500kg
Average speed5-8kt