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This range of boats agrees to FISA standards for coastal rowing competitions.

The hydrodynamics designs developed by Sam Manuard ensure the necessary stability to practice rowing at sea while allowing rowers to keep the same technique as on a river rowing boat.

These boats offer numerous tuning possibilities : height, distance of centre, angle of attack, foot stretcher (height, inclination, distance), … to allow each rower to develop his/her physical and technical potential to its highest.

Our competition coastal rowing boats
  • 2017 World SH2X – vice-champion
    Monfort-Antognelli – LiteRACE 2X

  • 2017 World SF4X – 4ème
    Russia team – LiteRACE 4X
  • 2018 France SH2X – champions
    Cavard-Chocheyras – LiteRACE 2X

  • 2018 France SH1X – vice-champion
    Pierrick Ledard – LiteRACE 1X

  • 2018 France SH1X – 3rd
    Julien Housset – LiteRACE 1X
  • 2018 France SF2X – vice-champion
    Clert-Moussard – LiteRACE 2X

  • 2018 France SF2X – 3rd
    Da Dalt-Hamon – LiteRACE 2X
  • 2018 France SF1X – 4th
    Aurore Vanderbroucke – LiteRACE 1X