The image of rowing

When you ask around you: “What do you think of rowing?”, the answers are extremely positive.

In people’s minds, rowing is often associated with: the Olympic Games, superb athletes, fast boats, which require a lot of training and a connection within the same team. The projected image is that of a superb sport… but difficult to practice.
When we propose to try, we receive a majority of refusals. The causes of these refusals are varied, such as age, physical fitness, lack of time, lack of technique or fear of water.

Don’t be fooled by prejudice, there is such a thing as recreational rowing!

If you are one of those people who think rowing is a complex sport: You are wrong.

Rowing is not only about competing with narrow and unstable boats. Leisure rowing exists, with another type of boat, much more stable.

Liteboat aims to allow as many people as possible to discover this sport by building innovative rowing boats for different audiences: occasional rowers (see recreational or club range) or experienced rowers (see competition range), each rower has a suitable boat.

Gliding on the water for pleasure is within everyone’s reach, no matter your age or physique (see video Knut 83 years old + couple 77 years old). Recreational rowing is a moderate activity: no shocks, no violence. By rowing you prevent back pain and all your muscles are in motion. This water sport is a good way to take care of your health, endurance and maintain a good physical condition.

“Slipping is the opposite of taking root”, Jean-Paul Sartre

Rowing is an exceptional experience, you are no longer on land, you decompress, you are disconnected and discover new sensations. In addition, you have the opportunity to practice a sport in nature, with amazing landscapes.

Take up the challenge and embark on an adventure, discover our inspiring video and feel free to spread the word!