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Project Description

S & XL launching trolley

Anodized aluminum launching trolley, which can be disassembled.

With telescopic draw bar, easy to set.

Trolley S (LiteSPORT 1X, LiteSPORT+):

Wheels diameter: 250 mm (yellow inflated wheels)

Total width: 100 cm

Delivered in a bag (wheels included)

Trolley XL (LiteSPORT 2X, LiteRACE 1X):

Wheels diameter: 400 mm (green plastic wheels)

Total width: 120 cm

Structure parts in bag, wheels apart

Trolley X2 (LiteRACE 2X):

Total width folded: 170 cm

Trolley X4 (LiteQUATTRO):

Total width folded: 210 cm